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Non-Subscriber Listing Terms and Conditions

A non-subscriber is defined as someone who owns six or fewer rental units, or is the present tenant (ie: Looking to sublet). For those who own more than 7 units, please contact us for advertising rates and information.

Fee and Length of Active Listing
Sublessor/tenants listing fees are $15 for a maximum of five months or until the unit is rented or inactivated at your request. Owner/manager listings are $25 for a maximum of five months or until unit is rented or inactivated at your request.

Code/legal violations
Housing listed for students, staff and faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison must meet the requirements of the City of Madison Building Codes and Equal Opportunities Ordinances of the City of Madison and/or the State of Wisconsin and the Federal Civil Rights Act.

This includes private homeowners who have converted their basement (for example) into an apartment for the purposes of renting to students. Those too require adherence to city inspections and codes.

The Campus Area Housing web site is designed so that listings are uploaded to our database as they are submitted by our clients.

Because our website is directly linked to the University home page, all new listings are reviewed for content before going "live", generally within 1 business day. Listings are generally not activated on weekends or State recognized holidays.

Existing listings that are modified or revised will also need to be reviewed (becoming temporarily inactive) and will become activated again as soon as possible, on the same schedule discussed above.

Campus Area Housing reserves the ability to edit or reject a listing if it fails to comply all applicable municipal codes and ordinances, as well as applicable state and federal laws, including discriminatory text. We may suspend listing privileges if information provided by a lister is found to be misrepresentative or falsified.

Pictures presented should be appropriate in content, for the purposes of displaying the available property, and should be free of people, signs, current tenants, or other objectionable content.

Staff may remove websites or photos from listings under these circumstances.

Confirmation and payment process
Confirmation of listing submission is presented immediately after the listing is submitted. Clients must then submit payment to complete the listing process. Once paid listings have been activated by staff, clients receive a confirmation e-mail, which includes a receipt. Please print and keep this e-mail for your records.

Listings will remain in "pending review" until approved and activated by Housing Staff. Listings will not be visible online during that time but will appear usually within one business day.

Privacy Statement
We do not sell, rent, trade or distribute any personally identifiable information obtained from advertisers to a third party, except in cooperation with government agencies or as required by law. Information collected is used for the administrative and operational purposes of the service, or for safety announcements, as needed.

The Campus Area Housing Listing Service generally does not issue credits, refunds or extensions.

While we do actively market and present our resource to students as frequently as possible, finding a tenant by listing with us can not be guaranteed. Many factors can influence the outcome of your listing, including: the amount of property details presented (or lack of photos and details), the competitiveness of your property's cost & amenities, and the rental market conditions at the time, among others. Click here for our full refund policy.

Web site reference
Requests to list a web site on housing listings will be considered. Permission to list a web site will be dependent upon appropriateness, site content, University of Wisconsin-Madison or System policies and current federal, state, and City of Madison housing-related guidelines. Web sites that are not current or that provide information about other vacancies may be removed from the listing.

Web sites presented for advertising should also be appropriate in content, and speak only about the property available. Personal websites such as Facebook or Myspace should not be used, for your safety.

If you have any questions regarding our listing policies or privacy statement, please contact our office via email at or by phone at 608-263-2452.