Click here for a list of parking spaces close to campus available for rent.

On-campus parking is extremely limited. If you must bring a vehicle when moving to Madison, we recommend searching for housing that includes parking. All Campus Area Housing listings indicate whether they have parking available. If your property owner does not provide parking, many options are offered below.

Other daily parking options in close proximity to campus

The City of Madison offers a Residential Parking Permit for a small fee. The permit is only valid in specific areas, and allows residents to park for up to 48 hours in the same on-street space. For more information, contact the City of Madison Residential Parking Division at (608) 267-1104. On-campus parking may be available if you are a student who commutes from outside the Madison Metro bus lines or has special needs. Visit UW Transportation Services for details. Information about area parking ramps can be found at Campus and Visitor Relations.

Long term / semester parking

Some rental property owners on the fringes of campus offer parking spaces. UW Madison has long-term permits available for specific lots on campus. Visit UW Transportation Services for details.

Other transportation related resources

Community Car is a member-based car-sharing service that provides cars by the hour for individuals and organizations. Members share access to a fleet of high gas-mileage and hybrid-electric vehicles located in reserved parking spots throughout the city. Madison has an excellent bus service for most areas of the city. All students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive a free bus pass. Contact the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) at 608-265-4276 for information on the free passes. Contact the Madison Metro Transit Office at 608-266-4466 for route and schedule information.