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Campus Area Housing update 3/20/20.

3/18/2020 Message to campus area property owners and management companies from Campus Area Housing
Campus Area Housing update 3/18/20.

For the latest COVID-19 updates, please visit the following websites:
UW-Madison COVID-19: covid19.wisc.edu
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Campus Area Housing, a service of the Campus and Visitor Relations office, is UW-Madison’s official resource for individuals searching for privately-owned housing rentals in the campus area, downtown, and greater Madison area. The listing service provides a searchable database where individuals may use a filtered search for rental housing specified to their individual needs. The site also serves as an advertising and/ or rental vacancy tool including roommate opening or sublet.

Searching for housing on the Campus Area Housing website does not require a subscription or registration. It is absolutely FREE.

To learn more about renting in the campus and downtown area, please read the new Campus Area Housing Rental Resource Guide (PDF version).

The 2020/2021 Student Housing Fair will be held Monday, October 6th from 3:00-6:00 PM in Varsity Hall of Union South. The Housing Fair is held in October each year and provides a great opportunity for students to explore off-campus housing options around campus.

Representatives are available from:
• More than 20 privately-owned rental management companies located around campus
• UW-Madison Campus Area Housing, a service of Campus and Visitor Relations
• University Housing
• Campus and community resources and services

What’s in it for Students?
• Learn how to make an informed housing decision before signing a lease
• Explore some of the best housing options available in the campus and downtown area
• Learn about the many housing options offered by University Housing
• Talk with UW staff who will share resources and programs available to you, regardless of where you live, to help keep you connected to campus
• Pizza, desserts and prizes!

Myth: If I don't live on campus, I won't be close to my classes.
Fact: Many houses and apartments listed with the Campus Area Housing Listing Service are within easy walking distance of academic buildings. There is a Google Maps link provided in the listing details to help you determine the specific location of the listed property.
Myth: If I don't live on campus, I can't eat on campus.
Fact: Each student's WISCARD works as a debit card at all on campus dining options. Students, no matter of where they are living, can utilize all on campus dining options, however they will not receive the University housing wiscard discount. Rather they will receive the student discount of 5%.

Fall Semester: December-Ferbuary for next Fall
Spring Semester: November-January for this Spring
Summer Sublet: March-May for this Summer

Your listing will remain active and available to searchers until it is rented or inactivated at your request, for up to five continuous months, at most. Finding a renter for all or part of the available time, concludes your listing.

Summer sublets that are still active on August 15th will be removed on that date.

You will also receive an email before the 5 month expiration, at that time you may renew the listing by submitting a payment.

Campus Area Housing(CAH) is dedicated to providing real, responsible, honest property owners/managers to prospective renters. Because of this, we have established a list of known scammers that have used our site in the past. Please be cautious in all online activity, and NEVER pay someone you have suspicion could represent an illegitimate property. If you have been scammed through our site, please reach out to us immediate at campusareahousing@uwmad.wisc.edu, so we can address the situation, and add their information to this list to prevent more scams. I hope that situations like this never occur to you, but the following list was created for the safety of our prospective renters.
Known scammers that have used our sight:
Paul Hart(paulhartcares007@gmail.com)

At one time there was a shortage of quality campus area housing options for students. With the addition of several large buildings in close proximity to campus in recent years, there is no longer a housing shortage. Despite this change, the rush to sign leases and the pressure to do so each November continues. Today, it is very much a renters market - with more housing vacancies than students to fill them.

A student should not feel pressured to sign leases so far in advance - unless, there is a specific location that they want to live in at any expense.

Generally speaking, if an individual is looking for a modest and convenient rental close to campus, after winter break is the best time to start looking for leases to start the following Fall semester. After winter break is usually when individuals know their circumstances best and will have the broadest rental selection with most reasonable rental prices.

There are a variety of lodging options, both on campus and in the Madison and Dane County area. Visit info.wisc.edu for more information.

Please refer to the Campus Area Housing Rental Resource Guide for more information on rent ranges and averages.

Many factors may affect rent and overall living expenses, such as location, age of property, size of apartment, lease length, number of occupants, utilities included (i.e. heat/electricity/internet/cable), and additional amenities furnishings, parking, pets).

To maximize your search for affordable family housing, keep in mind the following:
Units located more than 1-2 miles from campus are more likely to be in a residential neighborhood.
If you are a new faculty member, generally a staff person in your hiring department or in our office may be happy to conduct a preliminary review of available rental housing.

The property owner is required to provide you with a list of any outstanding building code violations when you are looking at the apartment, if any exist at that time. Should s/he not do so, contact the City Building Inspection Department at 210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Madison and fill out a simple form requesting information on any outstanding violations for a specific address. This information can tell you much about the building's physical condition as well as the property owner's maintenance standards. For more information regarding maintenance requirements and codes visit the Tenant Resource Center.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not inspect or offer any guarantee for the condition or quality of the rental units listed and does not endorse any of the listed properties.

Campus Area Housing strongly urges individuals to read their lease carefully and recommends that they visit Madison to inspect the dwelling personally before making legally binding arrangements, such as signing a lease.

Leases for units near campus typically run for one year from mid-August. Here are some hints for finding short-term leases:
Look at all of the housing listings which meet your criteria for the rental season you are interested in, regardless of the posted lease length. Some property owners will offer short-term leases in exchange for increased monthly rent and lease lengths in the Spring and Summer are typically negotiable. In addition, waiting until Summer to sign a lease for a Fall vacancy may increase your chances of obtaining a short-term lease. Once you have identified the properties that interest you most, phone them to inquire as to if they would be willing to consider a shorter term lease.

You are able to search the Campus Area Housing Facebook group for any sublet ads from students with vacancies in their house or apartment.

Apartment complexes further from campus and rooms in private homes, boarding houses, and cooperatives may offer shorter lease terms.

Investigate signing a one year lease and finding a sublessor for the remainder of the lease. You may advertise your sublet with Campus Area Housing for a minimal fee. Be sure to confirm before signing your lease that the owner will permit you to sublet. Not all property owners permit this.

Also, if you are unable to find a sublessor, you will remain responsible for the entire leases' rent.

All students are responsible for arranging their own housing accommodations. Campus Area Housing does not recommend signing a lease before seeing the actual apartment you are renting. For information on temporary housing while looking for permanent housing, contact Madison Friends of International Student - http://www.mfismadison.com. A variety of lodging options, both on campus and in the Madison area are listed on http://www.vip.wisc.edu Campus and Visitor Relations.

Click here for a list of parking spaces close to campus available for rent.

On-campus parking is extremely limited. If you must bring a vehicle when moving to Madison, we recommend searching for housing that includes parking. All Campus Area Housing listings indicate whether they have parking available. If your property owner does not provide parking, many options are offered below.

Other daily parking options in close proximity to campus:

The City of Madison offers a Residential Parking Permit for a small fee. The permit is only valid in specific areas, and allows residents to park for up to 48 hours in the same on-street space. For more information, contact the City of Madison Residential Parking Division at (608) 267-1104.
On-campus parking may be available if you are a student who commutes from outside the Madison Metro bus lines or has special needs. Visit UW Transportation Services for details.
Information about area parking ramps can be found at Campus and Visitor Relations.

Long term / semester parking

Some rental property owners on the fringes of campus offer parking spaces.
UW Madison has long-term permits available for specific lots on campus. Visit UW Transportation Services for details.

Other transportation related resources

ZipCar is a member-based car-sharing service that provides cars by the hour for individuals and organizations. Members share access to a fleet of high gas-mileage and hybrid-electric vehicles located in reserved parking spots throughout the city.
Madison has an excellent bus service for most areas of the city. All students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive a free bus pass. Contact the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) at 608-265-4276 for information on the free passes. Contact the Madison Metro Transit Office at 608-266-4466 for route and schedule information.

Privately-owned residence halls are residence hall (dormitory) living arrangements that are owned and operated by private companies or individuals. The privately-owned halls provide a group living situation conducive to meeting other students and help ease students into college life. Many include a meal plan, Resident Assistants and planned events and activities. Start searching now.

A lease is a binding legal contract. Properly executed leases will be upheld in local courts.
Make sure you read your lease completely and carefully before signing. The Tenant Resource Center is available to review a lease with you. Make sure that all blanks are filled in and obtain copies of the lease and any other documents attached to it. Keep these materials in a safe and accessible place.

Make sure that all verbal 'promises' are written into the lease. If your agreement to rent is contingent upon any promises made by the property owner, get those promises in writing as part of the lease. This is especially important in the case of promised repairs. Be sure to include a completion date in the clause. Only a written guarantee assures you that the promises will be fulfilled. Both parties should sign and date these additions to the lease.

This may be a complex topic. For more information and any other questions about security deposits, please contact the Tenant Resource Center.

The property owner should provide a check-in form when you move in. You should be given at least seven days from your move-in date to complete and return the form. Inspect your dwelling unit and list any damage to the unit on the check-in form (i.e. holes, scratches, stains). Be very detailed, and take clear pictures of any pre-existing damages marks or scrapes, whenever possible. Write down anything you could get charged for. Both parties should sign the check-in form. Joint inspection with the property owner/manager may be preferred. Keep a copy of the check-in form and return another copy to the property owner/manager.

Many, but not all, property owners require students to have a parent/guardian co-sign their lease. Check with the owner or manager to find out whether or not a co-signer is required.

Campus Area Housing is not a roommate matching service. However, we allow individuals with roommate openings to advertise the vacancy on our website. The greatest number of Fall roommate listings are advertised April through August. Most leases in Madison have all parties to a lease jointly responsible. Should your roommate leave the lease in the middle of the semester, all remaining parties are responsible for his/her share of the rent. Having parents of all roommates co-sign the lease may relieve you of this responsibility.

If you are interested in finding a roommate join the Campus Area Housing Facebook group and create a post explaining where you would like to live, how much you would like to pay for rent etc.

To help to ensure a satisfying living arrangement, discuss such issues as: smoking, pets, sharing items (food, stereo, bathroom, kitchen), furnishings, cleanliness, and living habits, prior to moving in. The Tenant Resource Center offers roommate agreement forms.

Additionally, use caution when planning to move in with people you only recently met. Your best friend of today may not still be in several months when the new lease begins.

Subletting is an arrangement between a current tenant (sublessor), a 'substitute' tenant (sublessee), and the property owner/manager. Sublessees take the sublessor's place and reside in the unit, paying either part of or all of the rent. It is important to note that the sublessor (original tenant) is still liable for any damages or unpaid rent.

Things to know when considering subletting:

-Not all property owners/management companies permit subletting. For those who do, ask about and follow their subletting process.
-If you have roommates, be sure you have their support. Your roommates should feel comfortable with the new sublessee; they can also be one of your best marketing strategies.
-Advertise your rental early and often and make sure it is competitively priced. Please note that there are more sublets available in the downtown/campus area than there are interested renters and only about half of advertised sublets are filled. Remember that taking on a small 'loss' each month may be better than paying 100% of your rent when you're abroad.
-If you find a sublessee, you and any co- signors on the original lease may still be responsible for timely rent payments and any damages. Damages incurred by a sublessee can be taken from your original security deposit.
-As the current tenant, you may ask for and hold a deposit from your sublessee. Please note that you are required to return their deposit in a timely manner at the conclusion of their stay.
-Complete a written sublet agreement with your sublessee. If your property owner does not provide one, an example can be found on the Tenant Resource Center website.
Please read more about the legalities and specifics of subletting on the Tenant Resource Center website

Ways to promote a sublet:

-Advertise with Campus Area Housing at a cost of $15 for up to 5 months.
Spread the word via social networking, other advertising websites, and/or e-mail
-Post an advertisement on our Campus Area Housing Facebook group to reach a broadened student community.
-Post flyers on/near campus (be sure to ask for approval when using bulletin boards in campus buildings)
-Note: Be on alert for scams when advertising your vacancy, especially with social networking and advertising websites. For more information, view the Sublet Scam Alert on the Campus Area Housing website.

Our area has been a continued target of rental scams. College students looking to find someone to sublet their rental are frequently targeted. Often these inquiries will make vague references to your rental, the grammar and spelling will often be poor, and your e-mail address will not be in the 'To:' section. These are e-mails sent to large quantities of people and are often sent by people claiming to be an international student.

It's best to delete these e-mails or stop responding; however, it is important to note that not all international inquiries are scams. If you are uncertain about a request that you receive you can forward it to us at campusareahousing@uwmad.wisc.edu and we would be glad to give you our feedback. We can verify claims of any connection to the University; whether as a student, visiting scholar, or incoming staff member.

We apologize that this occurs. It is infrequent, but it does happen and it is important for you to be aware of what to look for. When in doubt, please feel free to e-mail us, we are here to help.

This is a list of scams that have been reported on our site. Campus Area Housing actively works to discover and prohibit rental scams on our website. If you suspect a listing is a scam, please notify the Campus Area Housing staff at campusareahousing@uwmad.wisc.edu.

Reported Scams:
Paul Hart - (paulhartcares007@gmail.com; paulinkhart60@gmail.com) this individual has used fake listings to get potential renters to send him 1st month's rent and a security deposit via money transfer and then disapppears

If you believe you have been discriminated against or would like to learn more information about your rights, please contact the Fair Housing Council of Greater Madison at 1-877-647-FAIR (3247).

In order to use this application, you must have cookies enabled and javascript enabled on your web browser. If you continue to have trouble, please contact us via email or telephone at 608-263-2452.

The City of Madison and UW-Madison campus continue to be a target for rental scams, with college students who advertise sublets frequently being targeted. Here are some clues that may indicate an email inquiry is probably not legitimate:
  • The original inquiring message will come to you by way of "BCC" or blind-copy. This generally means that you were not the only recipient (they send these emails to hundreds of people at the same time).
  • The grammar and spelling may be poor.
  • They will not say anything specific about your home or apartment - they'll only speak in very broad terms.
  • They will ask about things that are already in your advertisement - number of bedrooms, rent amount, etc.
  • If you think you have received one of these emails, the best course of action is to simply delete it. It's important to stress that not all international messages are scams. If you are unsure if an email correspondence is valid, please forward the email to campusareahousing@uwmad.wisc.edu. The CAH staff will be happy to review it and give you their feedback.
Madison section map

These sections are within 1 to 1.5 miles of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. They are within walking, biking and bussing distance of the central campus.

The UW-Madison campus spans most of Section 1.

During evening hours, SAFE Nighttime Services include a walking escort service and a cab and bus service.

  • Section 1

    Most of the UW-Madison campus and the State Street Mall are located here. The UW-Madison campus has a bus system which runs throughout the campus. Many students walk or bike to class.

    Rental housing is located to the east of the campus in the Langdon and State Street vicinity and to the south of the campus within blocks of the Engineering and Agriculture Colleges.

  • Section 2

    The Langdon Street area is the home to most fraternity and sorority houses and some cooperatives.

    Many rental units are located above the unique shops and restaurants that line State Street.

    A high concentration of rental units can be found on these main thoroughfares: University Ave., Dayton St., Gorham St., Johnson St., Mifflin St., and West Washington Ave.

  • Section 3

    Located just east of the campus, Section 3 includes the Wisconsin State Capitol building and the Capitol Concourse.

    Most city bus lines from the rest of the city converge at the Capitol.

  • Section 4

    Located just south of Regent Street and east of Monroe Street, this section includes Meriter and St. Mary's Hospitals as well as access to the UW Arboretum.

    Section 4 has easy access to both the UW-Madison and Edgewood College.

  • Section 5

    Located just west of the Camp Randall Stadium, the Field House, and Monroe Street, this section is close to the Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine and Engineering areas of the campus as well as UW Hospital and Clinics.

    This section is often referred to as the "near west" and includes a mix of private residences and older houses converted into rental units, along with some smaller apartment complexes.

A portion of these sections are within 3.5 miles of campus and are accessible by bike or bus. Other portions of these sections are 4-5 miles from campus.

Portions of Sections 6-9 are still within walking distance of the campus and certainly within biking distance. On the outskirts of these sections, you may need to rely on city bus service.

  • Section 6

    Located in the Isthmus area between Lakes Mendota and Monona, this section is often referred to as the "Near East Side" of Madison.

    Home to James Madison Park on Lake Mendota and Tenney Park, rental housing in this section is plentiful.

    Three main streets travel through this section of the city: Johnson St., Gorham St. and E. Washington Avenue. Just off Lake Monona, the Williamson Street/Atwood Avenue and Jenifer/Spaight Street areas also provide sites of rental housing.

  • Section 7

    The northeastern part of this section provides easy access to the Lake Monona bike path and a great view of Monona Terrace, the city's convention center. Several large apartment complexes are accessible to campus by bus.

  • Section 8

    This section also includes Monroe Street and Edgewood College.

  • Section 9

    UW Hospital and Clinics is located in the southeast corner of this section. University-owned Student Apartments Eagle Heights are also located here. Much of this section is comprised of the residential Village of Shorewood Hills.

    Section 9 contains the University of Wisconsin Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medicine and Public Health as well as the beautiful Picnic Point.

These sections are farther from the central campus--generally more than 3-1/2 to 5 miles away. The eastern part of Section 10 and the western part of Section 15 still provide closer access to the campus than the rest of the sections.

Most likely you'll need to rely on Madison Metro city buses or perhaps drive to a Park 'n Ride site, leaving your car and picking up a bus from those locations around the city. For additional parking information please see our parking FAQ.

Some students and families prefer to live in these residential communities. Student renters choose to live in all sections of the city.

Although Campus Area Housing works towards deterring scams on our website, we want to inform Advertisers of a reported scam. The scammer uses a fake email address and notifies a property manager of interest in renting a unit. The scammer used the name Brenda Hopkins and email address bbylhopkins@gmail.com.

The scammer stated they were sending a security deposit from their father in Europe for the unit that included excess funds. The scammer asked that the excess funds were then to be sent back to the scammer.

If you suspect a scammer has reached out to you, please email campusareahousing@uwmad.wisc.edu

You may locate your listing as your potential tenants do, by conducting a search on our Campus Area Housing web site. Keep in mind that not all listings appear on the first page of search results, so using filters can be the best way to find your listing.

The google map shows the listings on a particular page. If your property is not showing up on the map, it is likely that your listing is on a different page.

Overlapping dates and seasons requires careful navigation. Please contact our office so we can help assure that you are reaching the audience you wish to.

Changes to listings may be made:

Online at campusareahousing.wisc.edu, by logging in to your account
Over the phone at (608)263-2452
In person at Union South
By email to campusareahousing@uwmad.wisc.edu

All changes requested must be applicable to the same original address(es) / property listed. Changes to the date available can be made as long as the listing remains in the same rental season

Our website is only as useful as the timeliness of the data it contains. Once the listings on this system become dated, the website will lose its purpose. We do rely upon our listers to tell us when their properties are no longer available.

Please inactivate your listing when your unit is no longer available by logging in to your account online, sending us an email, or calling Campus Area Housing at 608-263-2452. It will only take a moment, and will help us continue to provide a timely and valuable resource to students and the community.

Please see the Listing Terms and Conditions page.

Yes, this is a secure web site. Your profile and listing information are username and password protected. In addition to you (or anyone you supply your username and password to), staff with administrative access rights are the only other party who may make changes to your profile and listing information. They do not and can not see your credit card information.

Credit card transactions are performed over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection between your web browser and the DoIT web server. This technology scrambles or encrypts the data between your browser and the DoIT server, making it useless to hackers.

In order to use this application, you must have cookies enabled and javascript enabled on your web browser. If you continue to have trouble, please contact us via email or telephone at 608-263-2452.

Sublessors / Tenants

Listing a sublet or roommate wanted ad costs $15 for a maximum of five months OR until the unit is rented or inactivated.

Owners / Managers

Owners/managers with 6 or less rental units are charged $25 per VACANT unit advertised for a maximum of five months. Listings are on the website for a maximum of five months, or until we are otherwise notified that the property has been rented or is no longer available.

If an owner/manager has multiple vacant units at an address that are similar or identical, s/he is charged $25 per vacancy NOT $25 per listing.

Owners/managers with 7 or more rental units are asked to contact the Program Coordinator at 263-2452. Rates vary and take the form of a flat-rate annual subscription fee for year-round use.

Subscription fees are determined by the total number of units owned/managed and their proximity to campus.

A unit is defined as an individual, locked rental.

Please note that staff reserve the right to confirm the total number of units owned/managed based on past listing records, publicly available data from the City of Madison's and Dane County's Assessor web site. Falsification and/or misrepresentation of this information may result in suspension or rejection of listing privileges.

(This program will end as of September 30, 2015.)

The current participating properties listed below will continue to support students in a community-based living environment; providing some or all of the amenities below through August 2016.

  • Fully furnished units
  • Individual and/or academic year leases
  • Roommate matching
  • Resident life staff who may live on property
  • Property staff trained in topics that best serve the interests of undergraduate students
  • On site educational and social programming
Please contact each property directly for questions about availability, pricing and amenities.
  • Lucky 101
    777 University Ave
  • Regent 101
    1402 Regent St
  • Statesider
    505 North Frances St
  • The Towers
    505 North Frances St
Please note: Private Housing Connections (PHC) properties are not inspected, owned, or operated by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.