It can be a challenge finding places near UW-Madison with so many neighborhoods and properties catering to students. Whether you're a student transitioning out of the residence halls, a faculty member looking for short-term residency, or an international student looking for a place near campus, the UW-Madison Off-Campus Housing resource is here to help you with your search. Browse our list of resources and click on the active housing list for the most complete list of off-campus housing near the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to Campus Area Housing for help today.

International Students:

Visiting International Student Program participants are responsible for securing their own housing. UW-Madison offers a limited number of spaces in on-campus housing (dormitories). In addition, many students also live off-campus in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Learn more about on-campus and off-campus housing opportunities as well as a temporary homestay option for when you arrive in Madison in our section here.


Campus Area Housing

Campus Area Housing, a service of the Campus and Visitor Relations office, is UW-Madison's official resource for individuals searching for privately-owned housing rentals in the campus area, downtown, and greater Madison area. The listing service provides a searchable database where individuals may use a filtered search for rental housing specified to their individual needs. The site also serves as an advertising and/or rental vacancy tool for landlords and students, including the option to post roommate and sublease requests 

Tenant Resource Center

The Tenant Resource Center (TRC) offers free housing counseling for tenants and property owners and managers interested in learning more about their rental rights and responsibilities under Wisconsin law. Visit the TRC website for additional information and resources:


Virtual Off-Campus Housing Fair:

The UW-Madison Virtual Off-Campus Housing Fair brings campus area rentals and resources to students, not the other way around. During the event, you can:

  • Easily find & tour houses and apartments for rent in Madison, WI, without having to leave the comfort of your own home
  • Ask landlords questions about their rentals in real-time to make informed renting decisions
  • Get access to different resources available to you as a UW-Madison student or staff member

To get notified of the next Virtual Off-Campus Housing Fair (and get entered for a chance to win $50), you can register here.


If you're interested in being a part of our database of off-campus housing options near Madison, please visit our List With Us page for more information.

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